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Английский язык 9 класс | Автор: Ермак Ольга Дмитриевна | ID: 14666 | Дата: 16.10.2021
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Вопрос № 1

The rain __________ that it was impossible to go out.

was strong
so was strong
was so strong
Вопрос № 2

Sheila isn`t a good driver; she__________ is .

careful not enough
not careful enough
enough not careful
Вопрос № 3

Denny was very hungry, so _________.

he ate quickly his dinner
quickly he ate his dinner
he quickly ate his dinner
Вопрос № 4

The picture was very beautiful; __________.

I very much liked it
I liked it very much
I it liked very much
Вопрос № 5

Collin didn`t like the climate in the north of Canada; ______in winter.

it was cold there too
too cold was it there
it was too cold there
Вопрос № 6

Will you, please, ask Ron _________ my umbrella?

why he has taken
why has he taken
he why has taken
Вопрос № 7

I don`t want to invite Nora to my birthday party; ___________ .

I don`t well enough know her
I don`t enough well know her
I don`t know her well enough
Вопрос № 8

Don`t put all these things in your bag;_______________.

it is not big enough
it is not enough big
it is big not enough
Вопрос № 9

Nancy ____________ when she learnt about her mother`s illness.

was upset awfully
awfully was upset
was awfully upset
Вопрос № 10

____________ a strange light coming from the sky.

Just I have seen
I have just seen
I have seen just
Вопрос № 11

They would like to buy _______chalet house.

not very old wooden nice four-bedroom Swiss
a wooden Swiss not very old nice four-bedroom
a nice four-bedroom not very old wooden Swiss
Вопрос № 12

___________ when I come home from work.

Usually I am very tired
I am very tired usually
I am usually very tired
Вопрос № 13

You really shouldn`t go ___________ .

so late to bed
to bed so late
to bed such late
Вопрос № 14

Did you learn _______?

at school today a lot of things
a lot of things at school today
today a lot of things at school
Вопрос № 15

Does Wanda __________?

write a letter to her parents every week
a letter to her parents write every week
every week write a letter to her parents
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