Football crazy

Choose the right variant. In some points you should answer the questions, in other points you complete the sentences.
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Вопрос № 1

What was the name of Bridget`s first boss?

Вопрос № 2

What was the name of Annie`s animal protester friend?

Вопрос № 3

Who is Eunice?

Bridget`s sister
the landlady`s cousin
the landlady`s daughter
Вопрос № 4

What is the name of the owner of Channel 9?

Mr Farrier
Mr Garrier
Mr Carrier
Вопрос № 5

I need a hairstyle that_________

didn`t they?
to get my hair done for gorgeous Miguel
a Spanish football fan will adore
Вопрос № 6

Have I done_________

something wrong?
to get my hair done for gorgeous Miguel
I wouldn`t say anything
Вопрос № 7

Argentina beat England,___________

a Spanish football fan will adore
I wouldn`t say anything
didn`t they?
Вопрос № 8

Nick, I promised you

didn`t they
I wouldn`t say anything
to get my hair done for gorgeous Miguel
Вопрос № 9

Where does Nick go first when he gets back from his audition

the girls` apartment
his own apartment
Hector`s apartment
Вопрос № 10

What does he think when he sees Hector?

Argentina won the match
England won the match
Argentina and England drew
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