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Английский язык 5 класс | Автор: ,mnb | ID: 16109 | Дата: 1.2.2022
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Вопрос № 1

The child … an ice-cream cone.

was given
have given
Вопрос № 2

The book … this month.

was published
has been published
will be translated
Вопрос № 3

A new house … in our street now.

is building
is being built
is built
Вопрос № 4

We … to come in time.

are asked
have asked
Вопрос № 5

She … at the station tomorrow.

will met
was seen
will be met
Вопрос № 6

Much attention … to fitness nowadays.

is paid
are paid
have given
Вопрос № 7

New vegetable dishes … by people every day.

are invented
were eaten
have been made
Вопрос № 8

The lights … off.

is switched
are switched
were been
Вопрос № 9

The doctor … for immediately.

is send
was sent
will asked
Вопрос № 10

A great deal of tea … in England.

was drunk
has been drank
is drunk
Вопрос № 11

Each lecture … by a different lecturer.

was presented
were given
have been presented
Вопрос № 12

She … to.

is listened
never is listened
is never listened
Вопрос № 13

The students … new experiments.

are showed
are being shown
have been testing
Вопрос № 14

This note … with a pencil.

is written
was made
has written
Вопрос № 15

Our exams … .

have already been taken
have already been passed
are passed
Вопрос № 16

The meeting … in the hall.

is hold
was held
will be hold
Вопрос № 17

Theatres in Britain … on Sundays.

are closed
is closed
were closed
Вопрос № 18

Many houses … in Kiev during the war.

have been ruined
will be damaged
were destroyed
Вопрос № 19

I … about the house. And what about you?

am often helped
am been helped
have sometimes helped
Вопрос № 20

The visitors … round the city by the guide.

are showed
will be shown
have been shown
Вопрос № 21

The customers … at the moment.

are served
are being served
were being served
Вопрос № 22

A big self-service store … a supermarket.

has been named
is being called
is called
Вопрос № 23

The picture … at with admiration.

is being looked
is looked
was watched
Вопрос № 24

When we entered the room that problem …

was discussed
was still being discussed
will be discussed
Вопрос № 25

Las Vegas … the City of the Lights.

was named
has called
is nicknamed
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