British Museum

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Вопрос № 1

The British Museum was established by...

7 teens and 60 freed
Вопрос № 2

Who is Sir Hans Sloane?

the musician and psycologist
the therapist and pianist
the physician and scientist
Вопрос № 3

The British Museum houses... in the same building.

a national art museum and art store
a national museum of paintings and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport
a national museum of antiquities and a national library
a national museum of sculpture and a national museum of paintings
Вопрос № 4

The expansion of the Museum was resulted by...

an expanding British painting
an expanding British colonial footprint
an expanding British colour-printing
Вопрос № 5

Neil MacGregor is...

the director of the Museum
the Minister of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport
the tour guide since 2002
the founder of the Museum
Вопрос № 6

The British Museum is dedicated to...

Culture History and Humanity
Human History and Culture
Culture History
Historical Culture
Вопрос № 7

When was the British Museum opened to the public for the first time?

on the 16th of January
on the 13th of February
on the 15th of January
on the 13th of May annually
Вопрос № 8

The works originate from...

All the continent
The UK and NI
All continents
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