Big Ben

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Вопрос № 1

Choose the correct variant.

The girl has seen the Big Ben but has never been inside.
The girl has never seen the Big Ben, though her parent have.
The girl has seen the Big Ben as a toddler.
The girl has never seen the Big Ben as well as most people living in London.
Вопрос № 2

What was Charles Bradlaugh prisoned there for?

He was an atheist.
He refused to take a bribe.
He wasn`t fond of reading.
He refused to bring the Bible back to the library.
Вопрос № 3

What kind of birds can you meet at the Westminster?

Вопрос № 4

What was the girl surprised with when climbing?

The tower used to have a prison room.
The tower used to be a belfry.
Her knees started wobbling.
The emergency number was of the same figures.
Вопрос № 5

How many steps should be overcome to get on the top?

Вопрос № 6

What is placed on the surface of the clock?

Gas lamps
Lots of candles
Figures illuminated
Light bulbs
Вопрос № 7

What is the weight of the bell?

135 kg
13,5 tons
30,5 tons
Вопрос № 8

What time was the bell striking?

1 a.m.
12 a.m.
12 p.m.
10 p.m.
Вопрос № 9

What location is the taxi going to?

The pace of Westminster
The palace of Westminster
The place of Westminster
Вопрос № 10

The clock has...

Four places
For fancies
Four faces
For paces
Вопрос № 11

What is the girl putting on while in belfry?

A bonnet
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